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1 Cor. 16:9

The Stewardship of God's Creature's

November 23, 2021

Bob Everett and David Dotson

The Stewardship of God's Creature's



After God created man, God tells us in Genesis 2:20 "So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals".  As hunter's, we are carrying on Adams job of taking care of the wildlife by thinning the herd.  In doing so we take out the weak, making the heard stronger and healthier.  We also are improving their food source by decreasing the amount of animals dependent on the limited amount of browse.  


So today the WORD of the day is STEWARDSHIP.  As we go out today and hunt I want you to think about this word and how as hunters, being a good steward of what God has provided is our responsibility and also thank God that we have the opportunity to hunt again this year!  Normally if I have a successful hunt I say a prayer thanking God for sharing His bounty. Also I thank God before I hunt.



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